What is a TCP?


I decided to write about something a little bit fun something that’s not data structures and algorithms, guys pls if you find value in this and love this sort of content do let me know.

Today we are going to talk about TCP this would be an overview from a software engineering perspective.

Let’s go…

What’s is TCP?

TCP stands for (transmission control protocol).

TCP and UDP are both layer 4(Transport Layer) protocols of the OSI Model.

TCP allows for transmission of information in both directions. This means that computer systems that communicate over TCP…

JavaScript: How to implement the linked list data structure

Implement a linked list with JavaScript
Implement a linked list with JavaScript


Continuing the series of our data structures and algorithm.

In this article I will be teaching you how to implement a popular data structure called the linked list.

Hey dude…this is going to be a long one grab that cup of coffee, tea or whatever it is you guys drink these days…maybe a bottle of beer. Looooooooooool.

Hey and welcome to today’s article 😊.

I decided to put together some JavaScript library, frameworks, tools and plugins.

Some which I use in my projects.

If you find them intriguing share it and save it for later.

Let’s go…💃🕺💃🕺💃


After, writing about STACKS, the positive feedback, and all the support and nice DMs I got on Instagram and Twitter has made me turn this into a series, yeah you read that right.

This is going to be a series of data-structures and algorithms using JavaScript.

I hope you reading this enjoys it. Let’s go…🤓🤓

In today’s blog article, we would be talking about queues!

What is a queue?

A queue is a data structure that follows the first in first out (FIFO)principle.

Example: people standing in a line (first come first serve) to get groceries from a grocery…

Rocks stacked on each other
Rocks stacked on each other
Rocks stacked on each other


So, a few days ago, I ran a survey on my stories on Instagram and the result of this survey is the reason I decided to write a blog post about the topic STACKS in using JavaScript.


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